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GIS Recruitment

GIS is a niche arena. We know what makes an exceptional GIS Professional from graduate to management and everything in between. We excel in the GIS landscape of Ireland and we are here to help you grow an exceptional GIS team.

1. Job ANalysis

We understand the requirements of job positions right across the GIS and geospatial spectrum; the necessary skills, educational background, and professional experiences and the compensation ranges for the GIS market in Ireland. We are here to guide you and consult with you what growing your GIS Team looks like.  

2. Job Specification

We have seen it time and time again, a generic GIS job specification, and one not fit for the available role. We know how to attract the top-tier geospatial talent with a focused job specification that captures the very essence of the vacancy. At Final Draft Mapping we are fluent in GIS, let us speak the language for you.

3. Candidate Sourcing

Our aim is to gather and maintain the most comprehensive database of GIS Professionals available for the Irish market. From graduate to management, we can source the best upcoming talent to those already established and seasoned GIS Professionals. 

4. Screening & Interviewing

A GIS Professional is not a one size fits all. GIS is a vast discipline with many technical and not so technical avenues. With many years experience applying technical expertise in GIS, we are adept with reviewing CVs and performing interviews with the important questions to determine the best candidates for the role. In GIS lingo, we will map a candidates skills and competency to the job requirements.

5. Candidate Short-list

You want the most qualified candidates for the job and we will present them to you. We know that most-qualified does not always mean the most experienced so we factor in other facets such as cultural fit, adaptability, and continued personal and professional development amongst others. 

6. Interviewing

We are here to work with you and the hiring manager(s) for the position(s). Communication is our key focus for scheduling interviews, helping you with reviewing qualifications and credentials, and being a confidant with the hiring decisions.

7. Job Offer & Negotiations

We have talent in our crosshairs and ready to make an offer where Final Draft Mapping will act as the intermediary offering the employement opportunity to the selected candidate, negotiating the terms of employment, and assisting with onboarding efforts as required.