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Are you getting the best value out of your GIS?

Are your geospatial workflows manual and laborious? which can lead to a rush at deadline time or even missing a deadline.

For the most part, they are! You probably have a Word document detailing the process? or even worse, it is locked in the head of an employee and you’re afraid that knowledge might disappear with them. 

At Final Draft Mapping we excel at automating those repetitive tasks, from data management to map-making and everything in between, we create bespoke, documented, re-usable tools, enabling you to achieve more and get real value from your GIS, and the best part is, the knowledge remains within your organisation.

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Meet Glen Bambrick

Glen Bambrick is a passionate GIS Consultant and Geospatial Trainer, and the founder of Final Draft Mapping. With a firm belief in the importance of fundamental GIS and Data Management, Glen envisions a future where innovation and automation are the backbone of geospatial workflows for truly maximising your GIS investment. Drawing upon an impressive 17 years of diverse industry experience, Glen has honed his expertise in the world of GIS, data management, and automation. 

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